FRL-8510-02-OAR] RIN 2060-AV16

Standards of Performance for New, Reconstructed, and Modified Sources and Emissions Guidelines for Existing Sources: Oil and Natural Gas Sector Climate Review; Extension of Comment Period

After receiving numerous requests to lengthen the comment period since the rule making is complex and lengthy, the Environmental Protection Agency extended the comment period from January 14 to January 31, 2022 for the proposal published in the Federal Register on 11/15/21 (86 FR 63110).

Prevention, detection, and repair of fugitive methane emissions is widely seen as the most effective short-term action that the international community can take to hold off the worst effects of climate change.

COP26 and the news coverage following it have elevated the public’s awareness of the damaging potential of methane leaking into the atmosphere, and private companies, public advocates, and regulatory bodies around the world are marshaling the power of regulatory and market drivers to reduce leaking methane.

Details for how to submit a comment on the rule making

See the Press Release

The portion of the rule that has the most impact on optical gas imaging is proposed Appendix K: and the comment period for that is also 1/31/22.

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