When laying out a site design for surveillance it is important to understand the field of view (FOV) and range performance capability of the cameras under evaluation. Determining FOV is easy: nearly all manufacturer numbers are published and verifiable.  Range, on the other hand, is far more complicated.  Accurately gauging range performance from the onset of the site design may allow one to avoid unintended, and pricey rework costs later. Written by a trusted Sierra-Olympia supplier, The Truth About Range Data White Paper by DRS Commercial Infrared Systems explores the various determinants that are needed to define the range performance of thermal cameras today. The White Paper delves into the questions and answers that are pertinent to this conversation, including:

  • The Task (Detection, Tracking, Assessment, Etc.)
  • Design of the Camera
  • Placement of the Camera
  • Video Output of the Camera
  • Weather and Atmospheric Conditions
  • Target Characteristics
  • Background Characteristics
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