Thermal Imaging Systems

Low Size, Weight, and Power

Sierra-Olympia’s state-of-the-art infrared camera cores are ready for integration into various crewed or unmanned aerial systems (UAS) systems, including military and law enforcement vehicles. From the Vayu HD to the Ventus Compact, our cutting-edge, low-SWaP thermal imaging devices have exceptional range capability and target identification capacity, delivering reliable, actionable data for high-performance imaging in a variety of platforms. Engineered vision enhancement for surveillance, gas detection, wildlife monitoring and more, Sierra-Olympia’s camera sensors can be incorporated into virtually every industry.

  • Ventus HD6-2.4

    10x Long Range Zoom

    Discover the Ventus HD6-2.4, a compact yet powerful HD MWIR camera designed for integration. The HD6-2.4 was built for airborne missions as it provides unmatched capabilities in a Low-SWaP package with extended cooler life.

    Ventus HD6-2.4
    MWIR – Ventus HD6-2.4
  • Ventus OGI

    Visualize Hydrocarbon Gasses

    Ventus OGI is an industry-leading, integration-ready 640 x 512 resolution MWIR camera core designed to detect and visualize hydrocarbon gases. Easily spot most hydropcarbon gasses including methane and propane with gas enhancement mode(GEM).

    Ventus OGI
    MWIR – Ventus OGI
  • Vayu HD

    FULL HD 1920 X 1200

    Vayu HD delivers superior image clarity and situational awareness in a SWaP-optimized package. Available in 25 mm, 50 mm and 87 mm lens models, the Vayu HD is the highest-resolution uncooled LWIR camera on the market.

    Vayu HD
    LWIR – Ventus OGI
  • Tenum 1280

    Backwards Compatibility

    The Tenum 1280 represents the smallest pixel pitch long-wave infrared camera core from Leonardo DRS. It delivers 1280HD detail and sensitivity in a low-SWaP package with backwards compatibility to existing Tamarisk products.

    Tenum 1280
    LWIR- Tenum 1280
  • Ventus Compact Mk2

    20-275 MM MWIR

    Ventus Compact MK2 is a lightweight mid-wave infrared (MWIR) camera designed specifically for space-constrained integrations. The camera core offers 20-275mm continuous zoom, one touch autofocus, advanced image processing, and consumes very little power.

    Ventus Compact Mk2
    MWIR – Ventus Compact MKII

Industrial Applications

Sierra-Olympia’s ITAR-free airborne cameras are used in the most demanding environments, making them among the best infrared options for airborne inspections of large structures or over long distances. Their lightweight and rugged designs deliver outstanding performance and clarity for critical detection, recognition and identification in demanding environments.

Power & Pipeline Inspection

Low-SWaP thermal cameras for drone integration. Cameras durable enough and integrated stabilization software for the highest quality image.

Tall Building or Windmill Inspection

Safely identify defects in hard to areas or structures. Corroded material effects structural integrity, raises costs, and hazardous risk.

Gas Leak Detection

OGI cameras meeting 0000a standards enable refineries to fulfill legal obligations. Continuous monitoring ensuring compliance and security.

Bio-Surveillance Applications

Our cutting-edge infrared camera technology finds versatile applications in monitoring or searching for living and breathing heat sources. Emergency services rely on our cameras for swift detection of people, aiding in search and rescue missions. Wildlife management benefits from our cameras’ ability to track and study animal behavior in various environments, especially at night. Even Hollywood production benefit from our technology, using it to create stunning HD scenes and capture unique visual effects. Our infrared cameras are a versatile tools, contributing to safety, research, and creative endeavors across different industries.

Fire & Emergency Services

Enhanced situational awareness during emergencies, capable of detecting heat sources from fires or locating individuals in smoke-filled environments.

Wildlife Management

Detect nocturnal movement, monitor remote areas, identify poachers or unlawful activity. Thermal cameras can be powerful tools in wildlife management.

Border Security

Long distance perimeter surveillance. Thermal cameras can be integrated with other technologies to increase situational awareness.

25+ years of experience to produce custom solutions that come with industry-leading support.

Hood Technologies Gimbal

Image Stabilization

That Goes Beyond Gimbals

Sierra-Olympia’s onboard stabilizing software helps you achieve the clearest and most readable image possible. With scene tracking, vehicle tracking, and moving target indication, our technology keeps your shot steady—even in the face of atmospheric turbulence and engine vibration.

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