Infrared Camera Integration

Sierra-Olympia is a leading infrared camera builder known for its expertise and quality. Our cutting-edge technology ensures high-performance infrared imaging solutions for diverse applications including optical gas imaging.

Infrared Camera Component MWIR | VENTUS OGI

Infrared Camera Integration

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Solutions and Industries We Serve

Infrared is revolutionizing multiple industries. We integrate infrared optics into airborne systems that preform automated tasks tasks and remote sensing. Our cameras have detected gas leaks from 1,000 ft. Our long range systems are perfect for surveillance over expansive areas. Enhance operational efficiency, safety, and raise the standard your capabilities.

For 25+ years We’ve been at the top of the technology pyramid – integrating the latest sensors available, pushing the limits.


Long-Wave (LWIR)

Long-wave infrared(LWIR) cameras designed to meet Low-SWaP requirements abd more. Long-wave infrared specifically operates within the electromagnetic spectrum, encompassing wavelengths from 8µm to 14µm.

LWIR – Viento 10

Mid-Wave (MWIR)

Cooled mid-wave infrared(MWIR) cameras tailored for long-range security and surveillance to precision optical gas imaging. Mid-wave infrared encompassing wavelengths spanning from 3µm to 5µm.

MWIR – Ventus HD6-2.4

Short-Wave (SWIR)

Short-wave infrared(SWIR) cameras have been used for medical imaging and machine vision among other things. SWIR is a segment within the electromagnetic spectrum, spanning from 0.9µm to 1.7µm.

SWIR – Widysens

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