Detect, Recognize, Identify

For Ports, Rail Yards, Borders, Stadiums and Arenas

Crafted specifically for around-the-clock, long-range thermal imaging applications, our array of mid-wave and long-wave infrared (MWIR & LWIR) solutions excel in extended hours of operation. Infrared camera’s tailored to safeguard and monitor critical infrastructure like ports, rail yards, and borders. Engineered with best-in-class components, Sierra-Olympia’s infrared cameras are adept at detecting, recognizing and identifying objects, vehicles, and personnel over extraordinary distances. Their heightened sensitivity and economical efficiency make them easy to seamlessly integrate into a variety of setups, including fixed mounts or pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) configurations.

  • Ventus HD6-0.6

    1280 x 960, 6µm, F/2.6

    A pivotal advancement in long distance surveillance technology for applications that demand the best image quality. A 6µm sensor combined with the foremost cryocooler in the industry, renowned for its MTBF exceeding 24,000 hours. Surveil expansive areas day and night using high-definition infrared technology.

    Ventus HD6-0.6 Product Page
  • Ventus Hot

    640 x 512, 15um f/4

    Available in 300 mm, 690 mm or 900 mm lens configurations ranging from 1.9kg to 8.3kg, Ventus HOT is a long-life, high performance mid-wave infrared (MWIR) camera core. The 640 x 512 resolution imager is designed to perform in a variety of atmospheric conditions, including high-moisture environments. A powerful on-board encoding and processing engine delivers encoded video with features such as stabilization, automatic gain control, and one-touch autofocus.

    Ventus Hot Product Page
    Ventus Hot with 900mm Lens
  • Vinden LRB

    LWIR Zoom series with onboard processing

    The Vinden LRB series is built with an LWIR camera core, designed for seamless integration, providing a robust thermal imaging solution. It incorporates a sensitive, compact detector with versatile continuous zoom lens choices, alongside a user-friendly control board enriched with advanced features.

    Vinden LRB Product Page
    Vinden LRB with 300mm Lens

Detect, Recognize and Identify

Detection enables you to distinguish an object from the background environment, while recognition allows you to classify an object as a human, vehicle, or something else. Finally, identification means that you can discern information about the object, such as what the person is doing or what model of truck.

Thermal imaging surveillance cameras give you the ability to detect, recognize and identify threats at long range with unprecedented levels of accuracy, across weather and lighting conditions. The table below compares the detection, recognition and identification capabilities of Sierra-Olympia’s thermal camera systems.

Ventus HD6-0.633.3km26.8km22.5km25.6km10.6km6.8km10.5km4.7km3.3km
Ventus HD6-Fixed31.0km22.6km17.0km23.0km7.0km4.4km7.0km3.0km2.1km
Ventus HD6-2.422.5km10.7km7.3km13.1km2.9km1.8km2.9km1.2km0.8km
Ventus Hot 90028.7km 21.3km16.4km21.1km6.9km4.3km7.0km3.0km2.0km
Ventus Hot 69027.0km18.3km13.2km19.2km5.4km3.3km5.5km2.3km1.5km
Ventus Hot 30019.1km8.7km5.9km10.8km2.3km1.4km2.4km1.0km0.7km
300 LRB16.2km8.4km5.8km9.9km2.3km1.4km2.3km1.0km0.7km
75 LRB5.4km2.3km1.6km2.8km0.6km0.4km0.6km0.3km0.2km

Around the clock surveillance with long life cryocoolers

Around the clock surveillance with infrared technology is more reliable than ever before. Revolutionary advancements in cooler technology are allowing our powerful infrared cameras to operate continually for over 27k hours, the longest lifetime in the industry. That’s roughly 3 years of uninterrupted continuous operation with a powerful, HD-6µm sensor.

Upgrade Your System

High Reliability, Low Maintenance

Using long-lasting cooler systems can significantly reduce expenses associated with maintenance and replacements. Building with top-tier components, every aspect of our infrared camera is engineered for extended durability, ensuring consistent high performance over an prolonged periods of time.

System Integrations

Get a full 360-degree view by integrating our thermal security cameras into a PTZ gimbal or fixed mount scenario. With support from Sierra-Olympia’s world-class engineering team, you can easily upgrade your current surveillance system, increasing a team’s situational awareness and readiness.

“While integrating the tenum 640 into our aircraft, the sales team at sierra-olympia has been fantastic. absolute gurus in all things hot and cold.”


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