Dear SOTI Community,

We are excited to announce the next evolution of our company and wanted to inform you. On December 16th of 2022, Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc. became Sierra-Olympia Technologies, Inc.

The Ted Stevens US Olympic and Paralympic Act (36 USC CH 2205) grants exclusive use of the word “Olympic” for commercial purposes to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. In cooperation with the USOC, our company has changed its name as described above. We believe this will allow both organizations to genuinely represent themselves.

All other operations at Sierra-Olympia are continuing as usual. Company ownership, our daily operations, leadership, mission, and drive to deliver products that exceed customer expectation remain the same. While our former email addresses will remain effective for a period of time, the email addresses of your contacts will change to after December 16th. We welcome the opportunity to create an even stronger brand for our customers. If you have any questions about our name change please reach out to [email protected].

Please look to our new website and social media pages for more information and continued updates to our infrared imaging technology and services.


Chris Johnston

Chris Johnston, President