Ventus 275, 700


The Ventus 275 and 700 are equipped with a cooled InSb mid-wave infrared sensor that delivers exceptional infrared imaging capabilities. Continuous zoom autofocus lens technology, advanced image processing and streamline design make this an ideal mid-wave zoom camera for integrators looking to place powerful imaging capabilities in their systems.

Ventus 275, 700 Data Sheet

Technical Stats

Ventus 275, 700 Signature Features

15 micron Pixel Pitch

See further while not compromising footprint or weight. A 15µm-pitch InSb focal plane array provides a 640×512 image that leverages the superior optical quality of the highly tuned athermalized and parfocal zoom lenses ranging from 28.4-0.8° HFOV. A powerful processing engine provides electronic image stabilization, digital zoom, automatic/manual gain control, adaptive contrast control (CLAHE/LAP), target tracking and detection, stock and user-defined LUTs, and 32GB of onboard video/still storage. The control and video interface offers digital (CameraLink) and analog video as well as an H.264-encoded IP stream. Command over serial and/or Ethernet using connection interfaces standardized across the wide Ventus™ and Vinden LR™ product lines.

Two lens options (19-275mm, 48-700mm) provide a uniquely cost-effective solution for applications such as security and surveillance, fixed monitoring, defense, manned/unmanned ground and airborne platforms, and many more. Sierra-Olympia Technologies’ expert support in documentation and staff make the integration of Ventus products a nearly drop-in experience. The Ventus cameras are also easily exportable under US Commerce regulations.

  • Simultaneous analog/digital output
  • Continuous Zoom with Auto Focus
  • Image Stabilization
  • Ideal for fixed, ground or airborne platforms

  • Ventus 700 Cooled MWIR

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  • Ventus 275: Cooled mid-wave infrared camera

  • Ventus 700: Long-range mid-wave infrared camera sample footage from San Diego harbor

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