Ventus Hot 300, 690, 900

VGA Resolution MWIR with Long Life Cooler

Ventus HOT is a integration-ready mid-wave infrared camera core that combines cutting-edge HOT (high operating temperature) detector technology with a suite of continuous zoom optics and powerful image processing capabilities with onboard storage.

Technical Stats

Ventus Hot 300, 690, 900 Signature Features


Designed for critical long-range security and surveillance operations, Ventus HOT operates at temperatures far warmer than do traditional InSb MWIR detectors, which means decreased load on the cooling mechanism, faster cool-down times, longer overall cooler life and lower overall cost of ownership. The camera delivers crisp, clear imagery at 15 µm pixel pitch and 640 x 512 resolution, with 15-300mm, 35-690mm and 45-900mm, F4.0 lens models.

Ventus HOT is tuned for high atmospheric transmission with low absorption by suspended water vapor and CO2, meaning that it delivers the best imagery possible in a diversity of environmental conditions. Additionally, a powerful processing engine provides a wide range of enhancements and features, including electronic image stabilization, digital zoom, automatic/manual gain control, adaptive contrast control (CLAHE/LAP), stock and user-defined LUTs and more.

Digital video is offered via HDMI or SDI and H.264/H.265 encoded IP stream. Command is over RS422/RS232 serial and/or Ethernet using command and hardware interfaces that are standardized across much of Sierra-Olympia’s product line.

  • Simultaneous analog/digital output
  • Continuous Zoom with Auto Focus
  • Long Range Security and Surveillance
  • HOT MWIR for Extended Cooler Life

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