Vinden LRB Series


The Vinden LRB series of LWIR camera cores is a proven, integration-ready thermal imaging solution that combines a powerful, low-SWaP detector with high-performance continuous zoom lens options and a feature-rich, user-friendly control board.

Vinden LRB Series Data Sheet

Technical Stats

Vinden LRB Series Signature Features

12 micron Pixel Pitch

Vinden LRB provides high-value, long-range thermal imaging capabilities in an OEM-friendly package designed to simplify and streamline the systems integration process.

Continuous zoom optics feature highly-tuned one-touch autofocus that remains sharp and reliable throughout the zoom range. Consistent across all Sierra-Olympia camera­ systems, Vinden LRB provides on-board image processing, on-board recording and storage, auto-focus, electronic image stabilization, H.264 / H.265 encoding and a suite of other advanced options.

  • Vinden LRB 75mm in Houston

  • Downtown Houston with the Vinden LRB 225mm

  • Houston Energy Corridor in Infrared

  • Vinden 300LRB: OEM-Friendly Long-Range Infrared

  • Detect heat through smoke: Longwave infrared vs. visible light imagers

  • Vinden 300LRB: Look through the 40-300 Vinden LRB camera core

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