Volunteers from Sierra-Olympic’s marketing, sales, and engineering teams were on-site for a full day of community engagement at the Gorge STEM Hub Fair on June 4th, 2022 held in two locations, The Dalles and Hood River, Oregon. Sierra-Olympic staff set up a Viento-10 longwave infrared (LWIR) camera at the booth all day.

Guests could immediately see video of their own infrared image pop up on the monitor. W e had an ice pack people could touch to more clearly highlight the way the infrared camera differentiates between temperatures. When a hand held to the ice pack is put on camera, suddenly the hand goes nearly black in color, while the other (ambient temperature) hand shows regular body temperature (very light/white). Kids and adults alike were impressed by the alteration. As a reward for thinking about and answering a question, we also gave out fun swag like water bottles and lens cleaning cloths. Have you ever asked yourself how many microns there are in an inch? That’s the question participants were asked. While they didn’t have to get the answer right, they did have to take a guess. Only one participant got it spot-on, but many enjoyed the prompts, such as: a human hair is approximately 70 microns.

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