In April 2021 Sierra-Olympia delivered a webinar highlighting four game-changing infrared cameras for aerial integration: The Ventus OGI, Vayu HD, Ventus Micro, and Tenum. These imagers represent the leading edge of technological development in specialized infrared imagers for a variety of applications.

Ventus OGI

The Ventus OGI is a cooled mid wave infrared camera for detecting fugitive gas emissions, primarily methane and propane. This camera meets the critical need to quickly, safely, and efficiently detect gas leaks that are major greenhouse gas contributors. The Ventus OGI plays a critical role in reducing fugitive emissions by providing an efficient and effective means of leak detection. Many optical gas imaging systems are designed as handheld devices, but the Ventus OGI is uniquely suited for use from airborne, manned, unmanned, robotic and fixed platforms. 

Vayu HD 

The Vayu HD is the industry’s only full HD uncooled longwave camera, with 1920 x 1200 resolution. The camera delivers stunning image quality and clarity and its low size, weight and powered make it ideal for high-demand airborne applications where the maximum image quality at the lowest SWaP is essential.

Ventus Micro

The Ventus micro is an impressively-compact 16-160 mm cooled mid-wave infrared camera designed to fit into 150 mm gimbals. Primarily for airborne ISR applications, the Micro features an advanced HOT (High Operating Temperature) cooler that requires less cooling, and is therefore smaller, lighter, requires less power and has a longer time between servicing. 


The Tenum camera series features a variety of lens options and is built around a the smallest pixel pitch LWIR sensor on the market at 10 microns. The Tenum delivers exceptional image clarity and unmatched sensitivity while maintaining the low size, weight and power profile essential for many airborne integration projects.  

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