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Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s leading suppliers of mid-wave infrared camera cores, has developed a new line of long-range, continuous zoom thermal cameras equipped with a cutting-edge, high operating temperature (HOT) MWIR sensor that boasts several distinct advantages over traditional cooled mid-wave infrared systems.

The new Ventus HOT line is built around an advanced Type II Strained Later Superlattice (T2SL) detector. This “HOT” MWIR sensor operates at significantly warmer temperatures than traditional InSb MWIR detectors. That translates to less strain on the cooling mechanism, faster cool-down times and longer overall cooler life. The end result? More time between maintenance events and, ultimately, a lower overall cost of ownership.

Available in 15-300 mm, 35-690 mm and 45-900 mm F4.0 continuous zoom lens models, the VGA (640 x 512) resolution Ventus HOT is designed for integrators in long-range security and surveillance markets. Learn more on the Ventus HOT sales sheet

“Ventus HOT represents the latest evolution of mid-wave infrared technology for long-range applications,” says Chris Johnston, president of Sierra-Olympic Technologies, adding that “the right combination of size, cost, and adaptability of optics that allowed us to create this family of products.”

“We have provided thousands of mid-wave cameras for systems integration and have worked across the industry for many years. Something we’ve learned, perhaps better than any company out there, are the many nuances and complexities of putting mid-wave zoom lenses together with mid-wave sensors. Our team and laboratories are equipped with the tools and expertise to tie together all the functions of the lens, power supply, cooler, sensor electronics and video processing, to turn a sensor and a lens into a powerful and highly capable camera system.”

Like many cameras from Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Ventus HOT is designed for customers who plan to design their own enclosures and harnesses. Since Ventus HOT requires less cooling than traditional MWIR systems, less stress is put on the cooling mechanism, which translates to a longer lifetime.

“Out of the box, all of our customers get a 25-month warranty,” Johnston says, “and, anecdotally, this HOT MWIR sensor technology and high-durability long-life oversized cooler will easily reach its warrantied cooler hours. Generally, 20,000 hours is the rated life.”

The three Ventus HOT models are an addition to the larger Ventus family of cameras from Sierra-Olympic, all of which incorporate zoom optics and cooled MWIR technology. Other industry-leading variants include Ventus OGI, a cutting-edge optical gas imaging camera, and Ventus Micro, a miniaturized 16-180 mm system designed to fit into 150 mm gimbals.

For more information on the Ventus HOT or other offerings from Sierra-Olympic Technologies, email.

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