Tenum 1280

1280 HD compatible with Tamarisk® Products

The Tenum 1280 represents the smallest pixel pitch long-wave infrared camera core from Leonardo DRS. It delivers 1280HD detail and sensitivity in a low-SWaP package with backwards compatibility to existing Tamarisk products.

Tenum 1280 Data Sheet

Technical Stats

Tenum 1280 Signature Features

4 Lens Options
10 micron Pixel Pitch
Low SWaP
Light Payloads

We work with Leonardo DRS because product performance has not been compromised for lower cost solutions. The Tenum 1280 carries a 1280 x 1024 sensor capable of performing at less than 30 mk noise equivalent temperature difference (with spatiotemporal filtering). This 10 micron technology uses DRS’s patented Advanced Absorber Microbolometer Superstructure which captures energy at a higher rate for higher quality image.

  • Full user support from Sierra-Olympia Technologies, Inc.
  • High-performance, cost-effective LWIR infrared camera core
  • Smallest pixel pitch LWIR available
  • Ingress Rated
  • Compact, light, durable, versatile

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