Ventus HD6-0.6

Power crossed with precision for uncompromising performance

The Ventus HD6-0.6 represents a pivotal advancement in terrestrial surveillance technology for applications that demand the best precision, power, and reliability.

Ventus HD6-0.6 Data Sheet

Technical Stats

Ventus HD6-0.6 Signature Features

Long Range Zoom
6 micron Pixel Pitch

Sierra-Olympia has built proven 6-um technology from DRS Leonardo into a complete camera system to leverage their HD (1280×960) focal plane with a proprietary long-life cooler for higher acuity and FOV with lower total cost of ownership. On-board video encoding and advanced image processing makes this camera perfect for integration into high-performance surveillance systems.

  • Extended Cooler life for longer Cost Effective Operation
  • 1280 x 960 HD Format
  • 14X Optical Zoom
  • Detect, Recognize, Identify (DRI) Options
  • One Touch Auto Focus

  • Long-Range Infrared Maritime Surveillance

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  • Full Moon in Thermal Imaging

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