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Windviewer is innovative software crafted by Sierra-Olympia. It enables seamless connection with our thermal cameras for live video streaming and precise control over sensor and lens features. Unveiling the newest iteration, Wind Viewer 3, boasting a comprehensive redesign of the user interface(UI) and video streaming mechanism. This advanced version also offers enhanced accessibility to our cutting-edge products, including all models of the Ventus HD6, ensuring unparalleled functionality and performance. Not all features described may be available with all cameras.

Video Quality and Settings

Wind Viewer offers an array of video controls. Fine-tune the brightness and contrast settings to adjust the balance between light and dark areas in your video, ensuring optimal clarity and visual fidelity. Certain cameras are equipped with up to two types of image stabilization for when the live feed is shaky or for movement during an aerial roll maneuver. These camera were designed with aerial and mobile missions in mind.

A supplementary set of controls, known as the enhancement group, offers an extensive range of options tailored to enhance and fine-tune image quality. Within this group, functionalities such as Mode and Color fare there to adjust the color palette, allowing visibility and recognition of specific objects based on the camera mode selected. The mode, in tandem with adjustable sliders for strength and blend, adjust the application of adaptive enhancement, ensuring precise customization. Moreover, the sharpening tools enable users to refine edge contrast, while Denoise utilizes temporal filtering techniques to reduce temporal noise so you can detect and recognize the finest of details.

Gas Enhancement Mode (GEM) offers a specialized functionality specifically for optical gas imaging, exclusively accessible when connected to cameras like the Ventus OGI. This cutting-edge camera is engineered to detect methane-based gases, primarily for pinpointing gas leaks within manufacturing facilities or along pipelines. GEM revolutionizes the detection process by enabling users to vividly colorize gas leaks in an array of colors, for quicker and more efficient identification. With this innovative mode, spotting potential hazards becomes not just a task, but a dynamic and visually engaging process, enhancing safety protocols with enhanced effectiveness.

Behind the Scenes

Beneath its surface, Wind Viewer 3 boasts a comprehensive API, granting users even finer control over its functionalities. Through this programming interface, users can tailor video compression settings and telemetry to their exact specifications. Additionally, each camera crafted by Sierra-Olympia comes equipped with pre-installed zoom settings meticulously calibrated to suit your unique configuration, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Wind Viewer 3 Improvements

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