6 micron HD HOT MWIR camera core by DRS

Based on the DRS High Density Vertically Integrated Photodiode (HDVIP) technology, this advanced High Operating Temperature Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) sensor array delivers peerless sensitivity, uniformity, and sensor modulation transfer function (MTF) in a low SWaP package.

HEXABLU® Data Sheet

Technical Stats

HEXABLU® Signature Features

6 micron Pixel Pitch

HexaBlu® stands out with proven reliability and low induced vibration of the cooler compressor system. The dewar cooler assembly has virtually undetectable displacement at the sensor cold stage, and is almost nearly inaudible while in operation. The sensor radiometric performance excels with a 4.8 Me well depth. The single integration time dynamic range for this small pitch sensor exceeds that of all comparable products. This dewar has been proven to hold an extremely long life-cycle.  Demanding tests and stressful loading conditions showed the cooler still operating after 27k hours (about 3 years of continuous operation). The core is optimized for both low SWaP applications such as airborne imaging as well as applications driven by long-life metrics such as security and surveillance applications.

  • Extended Cooler Life
  • 6-micron sensor with 1280 x 960 array
  • Optimized for Low-SWaP
  • Operates in Near Silence

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  • HexaBlu® Frame Integration Ready

  • HexaBlu® Core System Video

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  • HexaBlu™ detects and recognizes a drone at .52km

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