Blackbird Precision


The Blackbird Precision is an advanced thermography system developed by Jenoptik and distributed by Sierra-Olympia Technologies. With HD and VGA resolution models and several lens options available, the Blackbird is a ruggedly-housed camera designed for accurate visualization, temperature measurement, and analysis of temperature for a wide variety of applications.

Technical Stats

Blackbird Precision Signature Features

17 micron Pixel Pitch

Jenoptik’s radiometrically calibrated Blackbird Precision is a versatile uncooled long-wave infrared camera with high thermal sensitivity ideal for accurate temperature measurement and detection of subtle temperature differences and anomalies. It’s enclosed in an IP40-rated housing and is capable of 24-7 operation as a stand-alone system or integrated as an easy-to integration OEM component. A variety of optics, from super wide 7.5mm to telephoto 120mm, allow for optimization based on application needs, from traffic and logistics, security and surveillance, medical diagnostics, body temperature monitoring, industrial and manufacturing processes.

  • Radiometric 24-bit RGB
  • High Definition (1024 x 768) available
  • Temperature sensitivity ≤ 35 mk (XGA model)

  • Thermal Video: Blackbird Precision – Power station

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